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tv   ABC15 News at 600AM  ABC  September 15, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MST

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school. it's not safe. where they are going next. hoping history will not repeat itself, congress passed a critical bill tied to the va scandal. >> but it may face a roadblock. those are some of the stories we are covering on abc15 this morning, critical coverage. christopher sign, what is breaking news? we have portions of a freeway shut down. we have roads closed. we have three very active crime scenes all connected to a deadly confrontation on the freeway. this will impact hundreds of drivers as the freeway will be shut down for hours, and we'll talk about a neighborhood that's closed as well. i want to start all of this with justin pazera near the i- 17 and i-10 split in the shadows of sky harbor international airport. justin, what happened? >> reporter: this is where it ended, chris, at the i-17 and i-
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crime scene is, massive. and it stretches up there. i-17 and you can see the yellow crime scene tape tied to a light post. this was a very dangerous situation for phoenix police officers as they were trying to track one of the suspects that got away during a home invasion. it stayed back a bit and let the phoenix police chopper handle this. >> just remember he is armed. so be very he has already pointed a gun at a bunch phoenix cops already. >> reporter: so at 7th and broadway, that is where phoenix police made contact with the suspect. they got away from this home invasion. they believe he did fire shots at 7th avenue and broadway. so they're looking into that, and then they put spike strips under his car before he was able to get in the car and get away, and thankfully, they did
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17 and i-10. the suspect got out of the car and made a brief run for it. he pointed a gun at phoenix police and that's when they opened fire. so they are expected to be out here for quite sometime. we have two mobile command units out here, just a ton of police officers, chris, but thankfully, no officers were injured. >> justin pazera, thank you, and as he mentioned, this started as a west phoenix. this is a neighborhood here 67th avenue and thomas. more police officers as you look live and zoom in, and detectives are just now showing up at the scene. we are gathering details on all of this because this is where the crime spree, if you will, started. so many of you could be impacted by the traffic problems associated with the investigation. let's bring in the expert, mallory moore. >> reporter: yeah.
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10 westbound, and that's the ramp that is shut down, and you are seeing slowing because of an earlier car fire, and that's being -- blocking a left lane. the delays at the stock aren't too bad, and the delays wrap you around to where you need to go, and really, you want to avoid i-17, and then the ramp closure. take a not doing too bad. i-10 eastbound at 59th, not bad there. iris? let's talk about the most accurate forecast, and we are just under 10 minutes away from sunrise with clear skies, and check out the temperatures, a cooler start to the day. down in the 60s in much of the valley with mesa and deer
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and chandler, 68 for you. phoenix, still holding on to the 70s, cooler and drier as you step outside. a news had the 90s, and we'll talk about when the 100s are back in the forecast. some glendale students won't be able to sleep in as they head back to school. >> repair work on two schools dealing with major structural problems. allison rodriguez is live school with the latest. what happens now, allison? >> reporter: what happens now is the students have to be dropped off earlier. you can see they posted it here on the sign, the bus pickup in about 20 minutes here, a little bit less, and i have seen students and parents here, and we know this has been a big deal for the parents. they will drop the students off here but they are going to another school. they haven't had classes for
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landmark and challenger, the two schools here that are closed while the facilities get much-needed repairs. we are told that the engineers have checked the schools out and had major concerns over safety. so the district decided, you know what? we have to get the repairs done, and no school will be held in the buildings. so they are splitting with other schools. landmark students will go to desert spirit. and challenger students are going to by centennial north and days. the district officials said that the studentacy education will not suffer because of it. >> able to give them practically a full-day schedule and we will have to cut the time off at the start of the day and the end of the day simply for transportation and it will take a while to get from a to b. >> reporter: the project will take about 5 weeks and cost $2
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it will be about 5 ours of school. they will take the morning part and the other schools the latter part. hopefully only 5 weeks at this point. allison rodriguez, abc15. breaking overnight, an active investigation at 43rd and ocatillo, just south of glendale avenue and 43rd avenue in glendale. early this morning, officers responded to reports of a shooting. there was a man who had been shot and i injuries are non-life- threatening. no arrests have been made and the investigation continues, dan. 6 minutes after 6:00, and this morning, we are learning more about marc payne, the suspect accused of targeting valley police and running them down his car. his criminal record looks like deja vu, arrested for aggravated assault fighting with three phoenix officers nearly 20 years ago, and that started with a traffic stop.
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officer and eventually got the charges reduced to a misdemeanor and only served one year of a 2-year probation sentence, danielle. a big step forward and hoping history does not repeat itself at the va, congress approving a bill making it easier to fire employees for poor performance. they have been urging the va to fire more workers to improve the scandal-plagued here in phoenix it resulted in 40 deaths. i-17 looks more like a parking lot this morning because of heavy delays right around the durango curve. i'll give you a look at the desert drive times and head out to the north part of the valley. and a minor setback for the lightrail. why they are hitting the brakes on a future expansion project. and a great morning get outside, phoenix at 74 degrees.
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this morning next. and would you buy a house
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. donald trump: i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? and you can tell them to go f--- themselves! you know, you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever... you gotta see this guy.
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t remember." he's going like "i don't remember!? 10 minutes after the hour, and right now, a minor setback in the effort to expand the lightrail in mesa. construction on the lightrail expected to begin in august and now, september, and it's delayed until october 15th and
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and crews need extra time on the design which will add about 2 miles worth of track easter to gilbert road along main street. i want to give you a look at the reason we're seeing all the delays on i-17 this morning. this is a crash and an earlier car fire i-17 southbound, and now, just the left lane is blocked. hopefully, the delays will get better but we're looking at a 17-minute desert drive time, 17 southbound from the i-10 stack to the i-10 split and 10 eastbound is an option to avoid the delays and the ramp closure to i-10 westbound. the rest of the 17 in the north part of the valley, very light traffic there. 101 eastbound, you are not seeing problems as well. we'll give you a look at the delays on the 10 in a couple of minutes. as of the top of the hour, we're seeing more 60s in the valley than 70s, so it's beautiful as you step outside. tempe, 71, and notice that tempy is surrounded by the 60s
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and nice and cool in peoria. a taste of fall this morning and perfect if you want to get out early for a walk around the neighborhood or maybe walk the kids to the bus stop and 74 in phoenix and we'll stay in the mid to low 70s at 7:00 and we'll make it back in the mid- 80s by 10:00. it will be a gradual warm up. and we likely won't see the 90s until lunchtime, and you are making lunch plans, plan on the clear skies and temperatures in th and then this afternoon, the highs only make it into the upper 90s in many valley cities including phoenix where we'll top out at 98. the 30-year average is 100 and we won't see triple digits today but they are in the 7-day forecast. i'll tell you when to expect the 100s next. coming up in surprise, why police say this crash was no accident. and big developments overseas on the crisis in
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just reached between the u.s. and russia. a soldier returns home from serving our country only to find a major bill wait for
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we have a brand u.s. 60 westbound, near loop 101, the crash that is hard to see blocking the hov and left lane and it will tie things up for east valley drivers. so stay to the right to get by and we'll have a look at the heavy delays on i-17. meanwhile, breaking overnight from the live desk, the u.s. and russia have agreed to extend another truce in syria for 48 hours.
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cease-fire and it appears it's holding. in this video, you can see children playing in the city of aleppo. that's a rare sight and something you typically don't see because of so much violence. this is really rare. the un is reporting food and toys are now being delivered there. but another 20-truckloads of humanitarian aid was held up over security concerns. we also have new developments in the extradiction of lord el chappo guzman. his attorneys are appealing hoping to keep him south of the border. the leader of the drug cartel is facing a number of charges including murder and distributing cocaine. this may not be the work of el chappo, but a woman is behind bars for trying to smuggle heroin in her 2-year- old's formula.
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estimated to be worth $50,000. the woman was turned over to immigration authorities. a disturbing discovery in a kindergarten lunch box. a 5-year-old brought 30 packs of heroin in the school. a teacher thought the teacher was playing with a candy wrapper. the boy was tested and thankfully, everything turned out okay but they are trying to figure out where the student got the drugs. murdering nba star dwayne wade's cousin will be in court. policesay that the two shot and killed her in chicago as she was walking to register her which were for school. they were firing at another man but they missed and the bullet struck her. the two guys, they were out on probation.
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of a florida man in custody, accused of setting fire to a mosque. several tips led to the home of the suspect after finding anti- islamic posts on his facebook page. he is accused of intentionally setting the fire to the mosque of the gun plan in the orlando nightclub shooter. a national guard member will get his money back after we took action. timothy zellers is in the national guard and was training over the summer and his car was towed. the bill he initially got was $2,000. >> $2 sthownd a huge punch in the gut especially for something that you had no control over. >> the tow company reduced that to $700, and after our phone call, the apartment complex, the chuparosas, will pay him back calling the situation an oversight. i don't know if there could be a more perfect morning to
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hot air balloon ride but check out what i spotted with the casino cam near camp verde. yeah. those are five hot air balloons taking advantage of the clear skies and the light winds. it really is a great start to the day this morning in the valley and across the state although it's cold up north, literally at freezing. flagstaff, down to 32. 31 at the grand canyon and we have the first freezes here, and we are not of yet. cold up north and cool in the valley and waking up to 60s and 70s across central arizona. officially, phoenix at 74 and again we have a lot of 60s around the valley. if you are driving into work, maybe you will roll the windows down and enjoy the cooler air. we will warm up but it's gradual. this will be the first of the 90s before we keep warming into the upper 90s this afternoon.
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repeat of yesterday. the temperatures, 97 at 5:00 as you are commuting home. all dry in the valley and really all dry across the state, and today, we'll stay dry state wide. the storms are out of the forecast by the weekend and next week, signs of a return in the moisture and we could see scattered showers and thunderstorms in the valley monday,ed it, wednesday, and better chances in the high country, too. we are not done with the monsoon yet. it essentially runs through end of the month. we could get more storms by next week, and a warm up, triple digits for saturday and sunday, and we'll talk more about the weekend outlook in a few minutes. mallory? all right. we give you a look at the crash, and it's u.s. 60 westbound past loop 101 and still blocking the hov and left lane and the delays are stacking up probably at alma
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they get that cleared there. we have a new crash on the 10 on the westbound is in the tunnel. it's not blocking traffic but any time you have anything in the tunnel, you could see delays, and you are seeing delays back to 83rd avenue and let's give you a quick look at 83rd. the delays, they are starting at 91 is the or so, so let's give you a look at the desert drive times in a few mallory, air 15 is just now over the scene at the officer- involved shooting. i want to update you and tell you that the freeway in the area is not shut down but an on- ramp is. justin pazera is on the scene at i-17 and 16th. also breaking overnight, a double shooting outside a 7-11. 16 shots fired is the newest information, dan. you may know your home's
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moved in but do you know what happened before you moved in? a new website will tell you details that may not be so nice. and do you like to take
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exciting time, bark -- backyard barbecues and a place to raise your family. >> and now, a new website is allowing people to check out the home's history before making the purchase. it's called dead in house, yes, that's the name. it was launched in south carolina and it's proving useful in arizona. >> the state statue protects the owner or seller of a property and the licenseee from selling the property of having any duty disclose there was a death. >> as a seller's agent, he can't disclose information against the wishes of his clients. as a buyer, he encourages you to do your own research. long daytime naps may make you feel more rested but may be links to diabetes. napping for an hour or more a day was associated with the 45% higher risk of type 2 diabetes
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expertssay that the reason for the link is unclear and that the findings don't mean that napping causing diabetes. >> maybe 20 minutes, a power nap. netflix is taking jabs at providers asking the fcc to do something about the data cap, discouraging people from watching broadband. and they are going after the low company's offer calling them unreasonably limiting. three crime scenes stretching across phoenix. this is a huge crime scene in the shadows of sky harbor, and we will tell you why police say they had to open fire. and we are seeing heavy
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back to breaking news on abc15 mornings, a man shot and killed on the freeway. >> team coverage starts now live at the scene, and we are tracking the smart routes to avoid any backup. >> let's start at the live desk with christopher sign. chris, what's the latest? danielle, starting in west phoenix, a home invasion and then an armed suspect fled to 7th and broadway and then took off to this location where the suspect hit the freeway and then crashed into a tree after exiting the freeway. justin pazera is at that scene. this is when shots were fired and picks up the story. justin? >> reporter: detectives have been coming in and out of the crime scene, and we want to show you how big the area is.
6:30 am
i-17 and i-10 interchange. crime scene tape is strapped even to some of the light posts there. but we have video of a wrecked car. this is video that you will see only on abc15. you can see he hit a tree and he was able to jump out of the car and try and make a run for it. this guy, police say, pointed a gun at them and only one officer fired at the suspect, and this is where he died, and they have been after the guy all morning long. they believe that he and his buddy tried to break into a home near 69th and avalon. his friend got caught and he was able to make a run for it. police caught up to him at 7th and broadway, and police used spike strips to stop the car. this is where he wrecked. as for the officers, they are okay this morning but phoenix
6:31 am
here for quite sometime continuing to process this crime scene and, again, a part of i 17 shut down. if you are headed to work, a big heads up. mallory has a check on how to work around that. you will see the ramp closed i-17 southbound to i-10 westbound and wraps you around the airport. that's shut down right now. you will have to take i-10 eastbound to the stack to get around that, and look at how slow the crash blocking the left lane. still blocking the left lane and that's why you are seeing the delays to the stack. and that's the slowest spot with heavy delays in the west valley on the 10 and a look on u.s. 60, a crash near loop 101. this is u.s. 60 westbound at alma school where the delays begin. that crash is being belowing the who -- blocking the hov and left lane.
6:32 am
accurate forecast. the sun is up. clear skies and it will stay sunny today and dry. the difference you'll feel, cooler temperatures and drier, too. you will feel dry conditions and temperatures in the 60s and 70s valley wide. it will be a gradual warm up. so you have time if you want to get out for an early morning outdoor work up. 90s won't set in until lunchtime. sunny skies for the day and a high of 98 degrees this afternoon. we'll hold off on the triple digits for now, and i'll show you when they do come back in the 7-day forecast. major developments happening right now this morning involving the immigration, one federal lawsuit that was dragging on for years. abc15 has confirmed there will be a news conference -- that's the wrong video. i apologize. but there will be a news
6:33 am
immigrant rights groups. the topic, major developments in a federal lawsuit to the state of arizona tied to sb 1070, the immigration bill and that's the video i'm talking about. sources are telling us this could be a settlement. expect much more on the developments throughout the day, dan and danielle. if i get more information, i'll let you know immediately. >> and we'll stay on that all morning, chris. thank you. and new details on in surprise. >> the information cannot take back what happened but give us answers. katie conner, what can you tell us this morning? >> reporter: 19-year-old keith johnson is waking up behind bars after police say he intentionally hit three different cars off litchfield road and this was the scene from air 15, the area shut down for several hours. he was going upwards of 80
6:34 am
into the three cars. keith johnson was said to have tried to take his own life but instead killed a 46-year-old woman. and police are telling us that cops were on the tail of an alleged drunk driver who was thrown out of a business for threatening customers. as he was trying to get away from police, he hit and killed alexis rumer. back live, police have released his identity because he is still in the hospital but as soon as we find out, we will release that. katie conner, abc15. and a nasty crash at mcdowell near 89th, police on scene. the road was shut down most of the night after we are told that a man in his 30s was hit while walking the street and rushed to the hospital. we do not have word on his condition. another crash, this at 55th
6:35 am
was hit crossing the street. his belongings were spread out across the street. chris? dan, two people were shot outside of a 7-eleven. officers are telling us that a woman was standing in the parking lot near the bus stop when the shots were fired. in fact, the suspect fired upwards of 16 shots. a woman was hit and a man they are in surgery in critical condition but sources are telling me that the two victims are expected to survive. the suspect vehicle, a white pickup truck, danielle. chris, it's court day for the suspect accused of trying to run down three police officers outside a qt. marc payne has to be charged 48
6:36 am
appearance. it's back to school deja vu for hundreds of middle school students in glendale. they are headed back to class but they won't recognize their class. it's not at their school. it will be that they go to another one. allison rodriguez has more. parentsand students are showing up right now, allison? >> reporter: good morning, dan. they just left, 3 or 4 buses just left. we had a here gathering in the fields and by the classroom and they put them on the buses, and they are on their way, and they are going to a different school even though this is the one they should call home. but it's been a mess for the last three days. they haven't been here. the school has been closed. again, they will not go to a regular school. it will be a split schedule with other schools and other students. these landmark students are
6:37 am
half of the day and desert spirit, the second half of the day. landmark and challenger both closed while crews are making structural repairs here. challenger students are splitting their classes with bicentennial north but this is throwing a monkey wrench in the parents' normal routine. >> it's almost like it will be the first day of school all over again and you bring them in and show them where to go. wreel have to do that and the staff will be out there. >> reporter: i have to give credit to the staff. i know parents have been confused. a lot of the kids have been scared. i believe one other bus is coming for some of the students that missed the cutoff. they are on a tight schedule here but the repairs, they are expecting 5 weeks and that could go into the fall break. but they are trying to figure out 5 or 6 weeks, something that parents really want to
6:38 am
developments in the race for the white house. the race is tightening for both presidential candidates in key battle ground states. both candidates are in a dead heat in florida. meantime, hillary clinton returns to a campaign trail after nearly collapsing during the 9/ 9/11 memorial event. we are learning more about her health. the campaign released her health records. she was home for several days recovering from pneumonia. but the doctor says she is in excellent medical condition. we are expecting to see donald trump's medical records saying he will release them following the interview with dr. oz. he surprised the talk show host with them during a taping. >> why not share your medical records. >> well, i have no problem in doing it. i have them right here. should i do it? i don't care.
6:39 am
dr.oz read them out loud saying no major surprises except trump is on a cholesterol-lowering drug. he discussed being overweight and lack of exercise, and trump said he wants to lose about 15- pounds. back in the valley, we should know the reminder of district 5 by tomorrow. just 16 votes separate andy biggs from christine jones. we reached out to the secretary of state's office to see how many votes were recounted far. they were not able to give us a total. today, we should have the final total. dan, a safety alert at 6:39 involving hyundai drivers. small suvs are recalled. this is brand new. the software glitch could prevent your vehicle from accelerating. you should be receiving an alert from your dealer who will then replace it. all right, guys.
6:40 am
scanning the skies over the city, a pretty good-looking start to the day with clear skies and a -- abundant forecast and the ozone concentrations going up a little bit, in the moderate range but no air quality alerts. once you step outside, you will feel cooler morning temperatures. much of the valley in the 60s to 70s, so i have been saying all morning, maybe roll down the windows on the work. officially at 74 at phoenix sky harbor. 90s set in by lunchtime and we'll top out at 98, a repeat of yesterday's high, warm and dry and clear to mild and a pretty good looking day. the highs out of the triple digits. on average, the last 100-degree day if october. and i will show you the rain
6:41 am
iris, we have a road close from your a crash right now in phoenix. indian school road shut down in both directs between 15th and 13th avenue. avoid that area if that's part of your morning drive. the smart routes, thomas and camelback. thomas is looking better there, and 19th can help you to wrap around the closures as well. a 32-minute desert drive time eastbound from the 101 to the 17 15th, and that's adding to the delays there. and in the past couple minutes, i've seen the 101 in the north valley slow down and things are worse on u.s. 60. we'll head out there. mallory, from the live desk, an update after a 13-year- old is shot and killed by police. an intense rescue vu got to see. how a man escaped a burning car when a fire extinguisher wasn't
6:42 am
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coming up on 6:45, air 15 just getting over the scene at 22nd avenue and indian school. to be very clear with you, i have no idea what's happening here but this intersection, look at that. you can see the crime scene tape covering the entire intersection and shut down and
6:45 am
the screen, forced to make that turn and going through the gas station to the other side. as soon as i get another update, i'll let you know. but this is a traffic alert, and mallory will be looking into this as well. a developing story and this could be a national story by day's end, a 13-year-old boy killed after a run in with police officers in columbus, ohio. officerssay they were responding to reports of an ar spotted three guys who matched the description and first responders approached and two of them took off running into an alley. that's when a 13-year-old pulled a gun from his waistband and that's when officers opened fire. the gun he pointed at officers was a bb gun. the 13-year-old died at the hospital. this is a pretty incredible
6:46 am
a red truck and a school bus crashed and the driver of the truck was trapped inside. you can see the flames. the car was on fire. >> i saw this on facebook. you have to take a closer look. police used fire extinguishers but the flames keep going and good samaritans jump in, and they try from the passenger side and nothing is working until this. >> they try a giant crowbar to get the door off fire crews were able to safely rescue the man and what an incredible effort by the first responders. good samaritans saying that everyone jumped in to help this guy. >> makeshift jaws of life happening. a battle is brewing in the east valley, plans for a itself eater discovery center in the with opposition. they don't want to see a museum-
6:47 am
but supporters say it's still early in the process and plans are worked out. >> give the people a vote in the november election or pull the plug until you guarantee a vote. >> it's premature that the public needs to vote on it. >> the vote is not expected until this time next year so you have a while. this morning, a congressman from arizona is take action to fight for soldiers' riht bill that would help veterans from being deported. when they go to get help, they are given an infraction because of their immigration status. >> many times, there is paperwork trying to get out of detension and then their due dates come later on. >> part of the bill would aim to help already deported vets
6:48 am
u.s. this is in the abc15 live desk, more confirmation about missing flight malaysian 370, haven't talked about this for a while. parts of an aircraft were found and just now identified. the plane disappeared more than two years ago with 239 passengers on board. investigators still have no clue as to what happened. two brave tucson police officers credited with going above and beyond. >> they spot aid man yelling for help along road and wonder what he is doing. they realized his wind chill is having a baby. they called paramedics, and the baby couldn't wait so they had to step in. >> i threw my gloves on and told mom to breathe. as he was pushing, i kind of caught the baby. >> like how high said i kind of caught the baby.
6:49 am
week when week -- weeks when this happened. luckily, he learned how to deliver a baby in the academy. baby steps. let's talk about your most accurate forecast, clear skies across the valley as we take a close-up view of camelback. and hopefully, you are taking advantage of the early morning temperatures and will get outdoors soon. comfortable in the valley, 60s and 70s and clear skies in the valley and dry conditions on abc15 desert dopp in phoenix, dry conditions and clear skies across the state, and today as you can see on futurecast, clear to mostly clear and storm chances off to the east in new mexico. we have drier air pushing in and tell keep the forecast all clear through the next 24 hours even into the weekend looking dry. you have a nice 4-day stretch here before the storm chances return. today's high, 98, and tomorrow,
6:50 am
across the state. saturday and sunday, 100s, but low 100s, not far from average. the storm chances will return. i'll show you that in the 7-day forecast. iris, we have a bunch of slow spots on the valley freeways from the west valley to the east valley, seeing major slowdowns. i want to show you u.s. 60. we just jumped up to a 31- minute desert drive time to the 101 because of the crash at the last lane. you will see the extra heavy delays. and i told you about the road closures a couple of minutes ago, indian school closed between 15 and 13th and originally, it came across as a crash. and affected, thomas and camelback and 19th. and this is a shot from air 15 a couple of minutes ago. you can see all the crime scene
6:51 am
intersection. indian school road at 15th avenue, trying to get the details. we'll keep you updated. just make sure that you avoid the area. i also want to mention that the reason we have the longest red carpet in history, and that is pretty exciting -- is this is going to be the longest emmy show in history. there, you heard it from jimmy kimmel himself. we are days away from the 68th annu are underway. kimmel is looking forward to horsting for the second time. you can camp the stars starting at 4:00 p.m. on sunday. the awards kickoff at 5:00, all of it right here on abc15. a very large crime spree, a one-man crime spree across the valley, and this is the scene
6:52 am
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we want to update you on the breaking news at 15th avenue and indian school, the intersection just shut down. we just learned from phoenix police officers that this is going pedestrian with non-life- threatening injuries. phoenix police say they had to open fire on a suspect wanted in a home invasion. the suspect did die here at the i-17 and i-10 interexchange. one of the suspects was able to get away and they tracked him to 7th easer and broadway where
6:55 am
able to get out and make a run for it. policesay he opened fire on one of the officers. the officer did end up shooting the suspect, killing him. justin pazera, abc15. a news conference was set for this afternoon for major develops of sb 1070, the controversial immigration law. it has dragged on for years but after today, it may be a thing of e more on i'm allison rodriguez live in glendale at landmark school where students were just dropped off and now bussed to a different school because theirs is getting repaired. land mark and challenger, both of the schools closed after engineers said there were structural problems with concerns there. landmark students, they will split a half day with desert spirit. i have just been informed that
6:56 am
will go a full day at the family resource center starting tomorrow. meanwhile, all the students, they will be in school after being out monday, tuesday, and wednesday, and we are expecting repairs to last at least 5 weeks. allison rodriguez, abc15. we could finally get answers from itt tech after the announcement that it's closing its doors. there will be a meeting tonight to discuss what happened at university of advanced technology on baseline road in tempe at 6:30. we woke up to the first freezing temperatures in the state. flagstaff, 32, and the valley in the 60s and 70s. today, we'll warm in the upper 90s and upper 90s tomorrow, too. and we'll stay dry through the weekend with 100s through friday and saturday and short lived with the storm chances
6:57 am
the 90s. heavy delays, 32-minute desert drive time with a crash at 67th and 59th. a quick look from the adot camera, the 17th is still struggling to recover, southbound heavy near grant mainly because of a crash at 7th. remember to check facebook. we ran the breaking news. check it out and share it with
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6:59 am
i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. donald trump: i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? and you can tell them to go f--- themselves! you know, you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever... you gotta see this guy. ahh, i don't know what i said, ahh. "i don't remember."
7:00 am
hd 5 hd 5 good morning, america. donald trump and hillary clinton release new details about their health, but is it enough? trump only shares his details with dr. oz. as he takes a swipe at clinton's stamina. >> you think hillary would be able to stand up here for an hour and do this? >> plus new information about hillary's recent illness as she returns to the campaign tr up in flames, the new video of a samsung phone exploding at a restaurant as the government says it's now investigating more models of the popular phone. samsung firing back overnight. breaking right now, capturing a suspected serial killer. a woman's terrifying 911 call as she's trapped with the suspect. >> i've been abducted. >> desperately pleading for help, the killer sleeping just feet away. >> is there any way you can get out of the building?


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